Rodez. The All Collections show is back, with music!

the essential Since the beginning of the millennium, the Carto-Club has been organizing its annual meeting on the peak: the All Collections show.And this September 13, it will be placed under the sign of music, and more particularly of the cabrette.

Book lovers, nostalgic for collectible toys, scavengers of old coins and lovers of postcards and philately, book your Sunday, September 13.The Carto-Club de l'Aveyron will invest, on that day, the village hall for the 19th edition of their salon All collections, from 9 am to 6 pm.

The forty or so exhibitors, professionals and individuals alike, come from all over the South-West ...a bit like visitors after all."People come from far away.And even more in view of the context, because many exhibitions, such as that of Albi, were canceled, "says Gilbert Regourd, president of the Carto-Club.

Music and barrier gestures

During each edition, a theme is honored.And this year, it is music.All visitors will receive a postcard edited for the occasion, featuring two young cabrette musicians, during the Transhumance 2020.And the association's treasurer, Jean-Claude Vidal, has also set up an exhibition of large-format postcards, at the entrance to the show, to retrace the history of the cabrette in Rodez, and in all the rest.of the department.Health crisis obliges, the mask and the barrier gestures will obviously be required.But these small constraints do not frighten the organizers."After all this time, people want to go out!", exclaims Jean-Claude Vidal.

At the origin of all these collections, the passion

The 120 members of the Aveyron Carto-Club are all driven by the same flame: the love of postcards.And the association makes their rich collection available, both to communities and to eras, buildings, objects and everyday scenes, which remain witnesses of another temporality.

Posted Date: 2020-09-19

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